Purl Jam Stash Exchange

Today Purl Jam held its annual stash exchange, which is a great afternoon of yarn, food, company, and knitting.

Every year I’m amazed that we still have lots of really good yarn to share with each other.

stash exchange1

How could we possibly choose our favorites?

There’s so much that we have separate areas for smaller weights, as well as novelty and spinning fiber!

stash exchange2

Laceweight–> sport-weight annex

There is also exercise/entertainment.

stash exchange 3

This burns off more calories than knitting….

A fun part of the Stash Exchange is the Sorting Hat, which is something we’ve used for a few years now.  This way we can tell who is having their turn choosing their next treasure.  This year we used this amazing knit tree (which is bigger than it looks here), which was knit by Janice and is modeled here by Tracey.  You can see that the hat has lights that actually twinkle!  How cool is that?

stash exchange 4

The Sorting Hat!

Purl Jam has a very new arrival, Jessica’s one month-old baby girl!  I was lucky enough to hold her– twice.  I love those baby snuggles!

stash exchange 5

Such a sweet baby, and a remarkably upbeat new mom!  Congratulations, Jessica and Imran!

After our orderly taking of turns and the less orderly Free-for-All, this is what remained.  I’m pretty sure everyone went home satisfied.

stash exchange 6

The aftermath.

My new additions to my stash:  It’s more than I had hoped to take home, but in my defense, the worsted weight wool is meant for bear yarn, and charity yarn doesn’t really count, right?  Also, that is a giant amount of Tardis blue roving, and once it’s spun up, it’ll take up much less space.  :0 I particularly love the sunset-y yarn on the bottom left, and I already have plans for it.

stash exchange 7

Marissa’s loot

Phew! I don’t think any of us are ever disappointed by our Stash Exchange!  What a great time!  Thanks, Purl Jammies!

by Marissa, who always gets high on the yarn fumes….


About purljamsf

We're a group of knitters, crocheters, spinners, and weavers, who meet on Tuesday nights at 7 pm at Tart to Tart in the Inner Sunset. Please join us!
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