2014 Goal Recap

Purl Jam members have reported on how they did with their 2014 fiber goals.

Janice reported that she was able to finish one of her languishing sweaters.  Not only did she manage to finish it, but she completely RE-KNIT it to achieve a better fit.

Lovely sweater!

Lovely sweater and cute kid!

Janice also wanted to knit more of her handspun in 2014, and ended up knitting three projects with it and also did a huge spinning project and swatched the resulting yarn for a future sweater.  Well done!

Handspun Baktus and mitts.

Handspun Baktus and mitts.

Nan made good progress on her cardwoven and knit scarf, knitted two sweaters from her queue (the Ladder sleeved pullover, as well as a Funky Grandpa knit with Marissa’s handspun).  She didn’t get into designing, but certainly branched out from strictly following patterns as written, and feels more confident!  Last but not least, she also did a lot of charity sewing by making teddy bears for VITAS Hospice.  Very nice, Nan!

Tracey’s plan to knit all her project as KALs worked!  She made a pine bough cowl with Elizabeth and Nan, a Tinder sweater with Catherine, mother bears with Marissa (most of which she herself delivered in Africa!), 3 pairs of socks with the sf1sock group, and she also started the POP blanket with Janice and Marissa.  Phew!  Great job, Tracey!

Bears in Africa!

Bears in Africa!

Gnomes chillaxing.

Gnome friends!

Marissa reached all three of her goals from 2014, knitting way more than her goal of 14 bears for the Mother Bear Project (and was so very pleased to spot so many of them from Tracey’s trip to Africa!), knitting not just one, but two sweaters for herself, and spinning all of her fiber stash (as of January 1, 2014) and then some!

Second sweater of 2014

Second sweater of 2014

Omar Bear in Africa!

Omar Bear in Africa!

Under the wire!

Marissa’s last spinning project was finished just under the wire!

Check back soon for our 2015 goals!


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