Our Friday at Stitches

Last week, Tracey and I attended Stitches West 2014! We spent most of the day helping out in the Mother Bear Project booth, which was fun but also pretty tiring! It was so nice meeting knitters who were delivering bears they’d already made, or learning about the Mother Bear Project for the first time. Seeing such a variety of bears definitely gave me ideas for future bear outfits and being at the booth in general has helped to fuel my desire to keep knitting these bears!

In-person bear drop-off

In-person bear drop-off

Inspirational Superbear!

Inspirational Superbear!

Of course, during down times at the Mother Bear booth, we had to venture out and see some of the vendors. Among my favorites were Miss Babs, where I scored a sweater’s worth of yarn, and Wonderland Dyeworks, where I bought some roving and sock yarn. I just love their colors! At the Hiya Hiya booth, I finally replaced my sad, old size 0 circular needle on which I’ve knit most of my socks with a brand-new one, which I tried out tonight. I’m very pleased with how sharp and precise the needles are!

A wonderland of roving

A wonderland of roving

I also checked out the Plucky Knitter, about which there was quite a lot of pre-Stitches buzz and I wanted to see what it was about! It was a lovely booth with plenty of samples and patterns, but it was very crowded and difficult to get through. That didn’t surprise me, and it didn’t stop me from buying a skein of sock yarn, either. The owner seemed really delighted to be selling at Stitches for the first time.

On my last walk around the marketplace, I stumbled upon Huckleberry Knits, which had a lot of lovely roving. I bought one gorgeous braid of shiny, pinkish roving. At another booth I found but resisted some adorable project bags, including a Harry Potter one.

Magical project bag

Magical project bag

Being at Stitches as a volunteer instead of just as a shopper was a different experience. I felt less compelled to see every booth and buy a lot of fiber, and more compelled to step back, relax, and just enjoy the experience in a more mellow way. This is not to say that the booth was dull!! There were definitely times when we were all talking to knitters/crocheters. I hope to volunteer again next year!

Reported by Marissa, who is looking forward to turning her Stitches purchases into FOs…

My Stitches purchases - now where to start?

My Stitches purchases – now where to start?


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