Planning Ahead

Undeterred by some unmet goals last year, we Purl Jammers are looking forward to a creative and productve 2014! Here are our stated goals, for the record:

Marissa: My goals for 2014 are to knit 14 Mother Bears, one sweater for myself, and to spin up ALL my fiber stash!

Marissa's 2013 Mother Bears

Marissa’s 2013 Mother Bears

Claire: In 2014, I conquered some grafting and seaming, learned tubular or seamless bind off (which I will certainly use again!) and am currently working on a small cabling project as prelude to a cabled sweater which was one of my goals. I don’t think I will set specific goals for 2014 other than continue to learn new things.

Kelly: My plans for 2014 are to finish the 6 patterns from Amigurumi Knits that I haven’t done yet, and finally publish the nudibranch pattern on Ravelry!

Janice: For 2014, I want to finish a couple languishing sweaters and knit with even more handspun.

A couple languishing sweaters

A couple languishing sweaters

Tracey: For 2014, I plan to do all major projects as knit-a-longs (KALs) to hopefully motivate me to finish them. I plan to do a Pine Bough cowl KAL with Purl Jam, a Tinder sweater KAL with Catherine, a POP blanket KAL with Janice (hopefully with more success than 2013!), 14 mother bears KAL with Marissa and 3 pairs of socks with the SF-one-sock-a-month group!

Elizabeth: My goal for 2014 is to use more stash yarn. Of course, I just bought 2 skeins from Woolen Rabbit and my brother gave me a gift certificate for Dharma, so we’ll see how well I do with stash knitting!

Kate: For 2014, I shall adopt the same goal I had in 2013 (finishing my sweater). How sad. I shall also aim to finish my Noro blanket, which has been sitting on the sidelines since I had a bit of a cast-on gauge issue along the edge and got annoyed at it and unsure if I could block the border enough to resolve the issue.

Kate's Noro blanket in progress

Kate’s Noro blanket in progress

Nan: In 2014 I’d like to:
1. Finish a personal design for a scarf combining card-weaving and knitting, the card-weaving is in process and the knitting part should be fairly quick (?).
2. Do one of the sweaters in my queue, maybe the Vodka Lemonade which would use up more of Marissa’s handspun!
3. Actually do more than express interest in some charity knitting- haven’t decided what direction that might go, but at the moment I would lean towards hats for St. Anthony’s.
I realize I’m saying too much, I’ll never meet these goals! But still, I would also like to begin working a bit more from my own designs and less from pre-written patterns. That’s a more long term goal than 2014 however!

Reported by Tracey, who is already making progress on her 2014 goals.


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