True Confessions

Wherein Purl Jammers reveal all regarding 2013 goals. Read on…

Back at the start of 2013, there was a post which listed our favorite projects of 2012 and major project planned for 2013. Although we all knit a lot in 2013, it turns out that we didn’t always knit what we planned. Luckily, we have a couple of successes to redeem us:

Kelly: For 2013, I knit 13 amigurumi – Hansi’s squid, hermit crab, anglerfish, and nautilus patterns, 7 nudibranchs, a giant owl, and a jackalope. I plan to continue making more amigurumi in 2014 – hopefully finally publishing a pattern or two!

Kelly did it!

Amigurumi done!

Jessica: I finished the handspun sweater for Imran! I’m very pleased with it, and although it’s a little long the husbeast likes it too.

Handspun sweater done!

Handspun sweater done!

But mainly, we just knit what we felt like. Here we fess up:

Nan: I never did start on my Lemongrass sweater, although the Malabrigo still awaits. It may wait again now until Fall, not much incentive to knit it and not wear it until then, I’m not fast enough to finish before the cold weather does.

Tracey: I never even cast-on my major goal for 2013, the POP blanket. Whoops!! I’ll try again this year with Janice for company and motivation.

Kate: Soo — I failed at my 2013 goal of finishing my sweater. In fact, I don’t think I touched it much after January or Feb.

Claire: So I did not accomplish my goals for 2013, and that is why I never make new year’s resolutions. That said I am one year closer to accomplishing my goals

Janice: I did not achieve my only stated goal for 2013, which was to do a Hello Yarn multi-spin. However, during Tour de Fleece I did finish processing and spinning my CVM fleece, a major accomplishment.

Marissa: My major (and only!!) goal for 2013 was to knit the Every Last Yard Cardigan. Sadly, it was the only project of the year that also ended up not working for me! It’s very baggy and bulky in the armpit area, and the lace doesn’t show up well in the dark yarn. I’ll probably frog it and use the yarn for something simpler.

Elizabeth: I didn’t end up touching my major project in 2013.

Stay tuned for our 2014 plans which we may or may not follow!

Reported by Tracey, who is happy that she isn’t the only one who didn’t leave the starting gate (yet!).


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