Projects Then and Now

Happy New Year from Purl Jam! As the new year begins, we look back at our favorite project from 2012 and forward to a major project in 2013.

Purl Jam Favorite 2012 Projects

Purl Jam Favorite 2012 Projects

Favorite Project from 2012

Nan: My favorite 2012 project was my Summer Day sweater. I’ve worn it a lot and learned a lot in making it.  I redesigned the way the sleeves were set in which felt pretty daring to me.

Kelly: My favorite project was my Theseus and the Minotaur socks. The charts were very interesting with a completely different one for each sock and I learned how to stranded knitting with yarn in both hands.

Jessica: My favorite project of 2012 was my Hickory Mittens (knit while at Mitten School!).

Claire: My favorite project is difficult to decide, I would have to say it is a tie between two. First, my Suki for Suki shawl because it is such a personal project. I made it in tribute to my dear sweet kitty also named Suki who departed in 2012. Next, Convergence perhaps because it is my most recent project but I am also so pleased with it; fit, color, and all. I think that if I saw this in a store I would buy it!

Kate: At first, I picked my Honey cowl but then I realized it was from 2011. What happened to 2012? Yiiiikes! So instead, I’ll go with the Nottingham hat. That one was nice since I used stash exchange yarn and Julian seems to really like it! He rejects the Gap brand hat he got for Christmas, but he wears that wooly blue one I made, so that’s kind of awesome.

Elizabeth: My favorite 2012 project is my cat sweater and mittens because of its silliness. As part of The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen!, our team was assigned to quickly knit up a sweater and mittens for a cat. I used the Prep School Cat pattern as an overall guideline but created a colorwork pattern inspired by the GISHWHES logo and colors. My cat would never let me dress her up in a sweater, so our model was my fellow scavenger hunter’s cat, Drew – who apparently loves the sweater. Thanks to Kim for the photo!

Marissa: My favorite project of 2012 was the 12 snowflakes I crocheted for my mom for Christmas.  The reason is sentimental; my late grandmother used to crochet, and every winter she’d start churning out the snowflakes. I’d inevitably receive some, and they were all my mom asked her for, because she loved to decorate her Christmas tree with them. Grandma has been gone for almost 4 years now, and for a long time I’d been thinking how nice it would be if I could crochet well enough to continue the tradition. This year I finally did it!  My goal was 12 snowflakes, and in spite of how roughly crochet treats my hands, I managed to crochet them all, block and starch them, and get the package sent to Wisconsin in plenty of time for Christmas.  My mom was very pleased, and said it was like receiving a package from her mom.

Tracey: My favorite project was my Julie bear made for the Mother Bear Project. She was made in memory of a friend who died of cancer. I was delighted to see a photo of her in the hands of a little girl in Botswana!

Janice: It is hard to pick a favorite project from 2013, but when I pulled up my projects, My Sock Monkey photos made me smile the most. The red guy (Rainbow Sock Monkey) was started on New Year’s Day. My son picked out the pattern and yarn (Zauberball, he has fine taste) at Twisted in Portland. We got on the train, I went to cast on, and found I had left the pattern in my sister’s trunk. It was an overnight trip and this was my only project so she kindly texted photos of the instructions. I did not enjoy making a fiddle-y project in sock yarn but did want to encourage the kid’s designer skills. We had fun at the playground photoshoot. Soon, my son wanted a girlfriend for Rainbow Sock Monkey. I hoped he would forget, but no, so we went stash diving this time. It was very cloak and dagger, keeping her a secret from Rainbow Sock Monkey. When completed, the joke was on me, she was his sister, not girlfriend. After a celebratory cocoa party, we had another fun photo shoot.

Vanessa: My favorite project is the cowl that i made. Sorry, I don’t have pictures. I will add that to my 2013 goals. Get pictures of everything!

Major Project for 2013

Nan: I’ve got lots queued up for ’13, including all the new stash I hoarded in the Purl Jam stash exchange.  I’m enjoying the search for fabulous matches for the yarn.  I’m especially looking forward to finding ways to use Marissa’s handspun.  One thing in my queue that I purchased yarn for is Lemongrass by Joji Locatelli.  I’ll be using Malabrigo Twist in grape.  Should be a fun knit and fun to wear.

Kelly: My “big project” goal for 2013 is to knit at least one amigurumi each month.  I plan to use patterns from Hansi Singh’s Amigurumi Knits and Anna Hrachovec’s Teeny Tiny Mochimochi, but might also improvise some of my own patterns, too.

Jessica: My major project for 2013 is a cardigan for my husband, Ranger by Brooklyn Tweed. It will be knit out of my own handspun wool.

Jessica's Brown Merino Fleece Handspun Yarn

Jessica’s Brown Merino Fleece Handspun Yarn

Claire: I want to learn some new techniques and push myself out of my comfort zone a bit. I’m planning to do a cabled cardigan either the Hooray Cardigan or the Rocky Coast Cardigan. This will help me learn cables (I have done them before but never an entire sweater) and to possibly conquer my aversion to seaming.

Kate: In 2013, my major planned project is to finish my Iceland sweater, which was apparently started in Jan. 2009. It’s time to move that sucker along, right? I’ve already started by finding it (no small task after the move), figuring out where I was when I last left off a couple years ago, and knitting 3 rows! So I’m feeling good about that being a reasonable goal.

Elizabeth: My Double Knit Argyle scarf (cast on in 2012) is the biggest project on the horizon for 2013. I am working my way through Uncle Argyle Scarf by Lindsay Henricks in Cascade 220. It is time consuming because the project needs more quiet, concentrated time than most of my projects. No double knitting while I watch tv!

Marissa: One of my major projects for 2013 is the Every Last Yard cardigan using Madeline Tosh DK in the Manor colorway. Last year, I blew away my goal of knitting ‘at least one sweater’ (I managed to make 4!) so I feel confident about being able to knit at least one this year too.

Tracey: I will make a Pop Blanket. I’ve already purchased enough yarn for 2 full size blankets! I’ll use Noro Kureyon for the circles and Custom Woolen Mills 3-ply mulespinner yarn for the background.

Janice: My most ambitious project for 2013, and what I predict will be the funnest, too, is spinning and knitting a Hello Yarn sweater. I have all this beautiful hand-dyed fiber in mostly 4oz bumps. I have seen talented spinners in Ravelry share photos of their yarn made up of several colorways and have been thinking about doing the same for quite a while. Then last year, Jessica started planning her own Hello Yarn sweater project. She brought her first few skeins in Tuesday and they are simply beautiful, it is amazing how cohesive it turned out. I will decide on the pattern after the yarn is done, but I am going for a 3-ply worsted yarn. I have admired the many handspun #22 Garter Yoke Cardigans#22 Garter Yoke Cardigans.

Janice's Hello Yarn fiber stash

Janice’s Hello Yarn fiber stash

Vanessa: My major project for 2013 is to finish my sweater!

Do you have a favorite 2012 project or a major project planned for 2013? If so, please leave us a comment and tell us all about it below!

Reported by Tracey, who is determined to finish her 2013 major project.


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