2012 Goals: Update from Tracey

I kept putting off my 2012 goals update with hopes that I would make more progress. But now that it’s 2013, I figure I had better fess up.

Goal #1: Knit all the alpaca currently in my stash

I started the year off churning through my alpaca. I knit all the pieces for a sweater and made five hats and a cowl. But then half way through the year, I got distracted by non-alpaca projects and forgot all about my earlier resolve.

Final count: I started 2012 with 24 skeins of alpaca (and acquired 4 more) and ended the year with 13 skeins plus a sweater to seam. Oops. The good news is that I’ve figured out that I love alpaca hats and have enough yarn to make plenty more!

13 skeins of alpaca left in stash

13 skeins of alpaca left in stash

Goal #2: Start jacquard dyeing

Here at least, I can claim success! I did a lot of dyeing in 2012. I started overdying recycled yarn for practice, dyed a bunch of natural wool in my stash, over-dyed some funky colors, and even hosted the Purl Jam dyeing workshop with Elizabeth. Now, I just need to knit up all this great hand dyed yarn!

Hand-dyed in 2012

Hand-dyed in 2012

True Confessions

My greatest goal failure in 2012 was my inability to meet my undisclosed goal of reducing my entire stash (not just the alpaca). The fun of hand-dying and the Noro obsession resulted in a lot of incoming yarn. I started the year with 139 skeins and ended with 131 even though I knit 48 skeins from stash. I must also admit that my box of uncounted leftover yarn swelled considerably in 2012.

But if the only drawback to that is ending the year with the same amount of yarn while still having enjoyed knitting year-round, then I guess it’s not so bad after all. Sort of magical really!

Reported by Tracey, who is determined to reduce her stash in 2013. Maybe.


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2 Responses to 2012 Goals: Update from Tracey

  1. apocaknits says:

    Well I’m impressed with all the yarn you knit up over the year. I mean, status quo isn’t total ‘holy crap, I lost my memory and ended up with fifteen new skeins of yarn I can’t account for and a dead hooker in my trunk’ type of blackout deal. So… YAY.

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