The Noro Itch

I’ve been trying to stash-bust for the last 3 years.

Judging from my success, one could argue that it has been a weak attempt on my part but still, there has been some progress. After the on-line yarn shopping heyday otherwise known as 2009, I considered it a notable achievement when my 2010 purchasing slowed to steady state (usage=acquisition). Thanks to a gradual reduction (usage>acquisition!) over 2011 and early 2012, augmented by a net loss of yarn during the Purl Jam stash exchanges, I was finally able to squeeze all my stash into it’s intended receptacles: 2 large Rubbermaid totes and a over-sized cigar-box for sock yarn (plus a smaller Rubbermaid tote for the leftover partial balls but let’s not count those, ok?).

My Yarn Tubs

At this point, I felt great pride in my self-control and practicality. But at the same time, I started to get a familiar feeling: a distinct need to buy unneeded yarn. After all, my tubs were emptying nicely. A little more yarn could fit in there without expanding beyond the tubs, right? No harm in that…

And then it happened. Or rather, a series of events led to where I am now.

Let me say at this point that I didn’t use to like Noro yarn. I found it rough, kind of scratchy and frankly a bit garish. Not for me, nope. That is until…

Event #1: Purl Jam knit Jessica a wedding blanket in Noro Kureyon.

Jessica’s Log Cabin Wedding Blanket

I loved knitting that blanket. Each square was made from a unique kureyon colorway and they were fun to knit. The combo of all the different colorways was delightful and with the effort of many hands, the dreaded finishing of the blanket was no problem at all.

Time passed and I avoided casting-on a blanket by watching Jessica seam up her mitered square blanket which she started way back in May 2009 and is still trying to finish (luckily she has the blanket we made to keep her warm in the interim). “Don’t do it!” she advised. I listened.

Jessica’s Irises Blanket

Event #2: One Sunday, I went with the sf sock knitters to Imagiknit and saw two samples of a Noro blanket, the Chevron Throw from Knit Noro: 30 Designs in Living Color.

Imagiknit Chevron Throw Sample #1

Imagiknit Chevron Throw Sample #2

I wanted to purchase yarn right away! I obsessed over whether I would knit it in Kureyon or Noro Silk Garden and which colorway I would choose. I even took a peek at the strictly forbidden WEBS on-line yarn store (the site of many excessive on-line yarn shopping trips).

This time, it was Purl Jammer Karyn who talked me down. We formulated a plan and I stuck to it. I went on the Purl Jam Nine Rubies road trip and came home with a modest amount of Noro, 2 skeins of Silk Garden. Just enough to satisfy my Noro itch.

Event #3: the POP blanket is published!

hot mod polka dots by Emily Wessel

Isn’t it magical? Each square takes only 15 yards of Kureyon so there are only 2 colors per circle, 7 circles per ball. The baby blanket size requires just 3 balls of Kureyon. And the finishing is just single crochet which should be relatively painless. Completely irresistible!

As you can imagine, at this point, I lost all control and I’ve been willy-nilly purchasing random balls of Kureyon ever since. It’s similar to the way I accumulated all that sock yarn back in ’08 when I figured that I could buy random skeins without a particular pattern or project in mind since each skein could make a pair of socks. Except this time, I have a project plan! I’m going to knit a very large POP blanket. Or maybe 2, judging by the way the Kureyon is rolling in. Who’s with me? I bet that some of you have your own pile of Noro waiting to pop!

Noro Recent Acquisitions

Reported by Tracey, who is a recent Noro convert.


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