Birthday Cowls Part 3: Spring has Sprung

It’s been over a year since we started our Purl Jam birthday cowl exchange. For Janice and Catherine, it probably seems even longer because their birthdays were at the very end of the exchange period. But as they say, good things come to those who wait!

Kelly and Jessica knit the last two cowls. Given that they had the longest time to decide what to knit as well as the advantage (pressure?) of seeing all the cowls that came before theirs, I thought it would be interesting to hear how they decided what to make. So here are all the details, in their words:

Kelly/Janice: Janice knit the very first cowl and had to wait almost a whole year for her birthday. Kelly surprised her with this colorful cowl and a bonus tiny gnome!

Janice in her Rainbow Cowl knit by Kelly

Pattern: Over the Helix Cowl by Terry Ann Hagerman

While I was tempted to do something pink or covered in gnomes, I eventually decided to do a rainbow cowl because both Janice and I love rainbow colored yarns. I picked the helix cowl pattern because it was a stitch pattern I hadn’t tried before and looked really nice with color-changing yarn in Ravelry’s project pages.

Yarn: Chroma Fingering Sock Yarn by Knit Picks

I noticed Janice knitting a hat in white and rainbow Chroma, so I decided to make the cowl match!

Bonus Gift: Tiny Gnome, designed by Anna Hrachovec

I still felt like doing something gnome-y for Janice, and I had just gotten a Mochimochi book, so it was the perfect opportunity to try making tiny toys.

Can you see me now?

Jessica/Catherine: Jessica was the very first person to get a cowl and the last to knit one. She chose to make Catherine a just-released colorwork cowl and a funky sewn bag.

Catherine in her Swallow Cowl knit by Jessica

Pattern: Swallow by Hannah Fettig, available in the Woodland Accessories Collection

I chose this pattern because my swap partner had favorited it on Ravelry, and we’d talked at Purl Jam about what a great cowl pattern it was. So I was sure that she’d like it!

Yarn: Canopy Fingering by The Fibre Company (MC) and Fresco by Classic Elite Yarns

I used the yarn called for in the pattern. The grey yarn is called “River Dolphin” and it’s got very subtle shades of blue in it that I couldn’t really find in another yarn.

Bonus Gift: Buttercup Bag, designed by made by RAE

I chose a sewn project bag partially because I had originally intended to make a cowl out of handspun, but decided against it after choosing the Swallow Cowl pattern (which I thought would lose some of the drape and pattern definition if knit in handspun). Also, every knitter can use more project bags! The fabric I used was remnants of quilting cotton from my fabric stash. The main body of the bag is done out of a Heather Bailey print called “Sway”.

Put a bird on it!

That’s the last of the Purl Jam birthday cowls but we are planning a new birthday exchange for next year. If you’re in Purl Jam, watch for signups on our Ravelry forum. If you aren’t in Purl Jam, maybe now’s the time to join!

Reported by Tracey, who apologizes for the bad lighting in the indoor photos.


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