Done and Done

I am happy to report back on the successful completion of both Kate and Marissa’s babies and their respective blankets!

We finished assembly of the blankets and delivered them to Kate and Marissa on July 2, only a few days before their July 5 and July 7 due dates.

Blankets finished and delivered on schedule

The finishing was nowhere near as painful as I had expected. We whip stitched the squares together with the left over cast-on tails. Since the squares were knit outside-in, it was relatively simple to line up and join the cast-on stitches. Next, we added log-cabin style borders one side at a time by picking up stitches along the entire length of one side on the front (1 stitch per cast-on stitch and 1 per garter ridge on prior side), knitting 11 rows in garter stitch ending with a row on the back, casting-off all but one stitch, and rotating the blanket clockwise to the next side. And then, there were just ends to weave in. Not so bad!

As it turned out, there was really no rush to get the blankets done before the due dates because both babies arrived late. Kate had Julian on July 16 and Marissa had Newbie on July 20. Congratulations and welcome!

Hello world

If you’d like to make a stripey blanket of your own, Jessica has published her Garter Outside-in Mitered Square pattern on Ravelry for free. Her square pattern was designed specifically for these blankets. Highly recommended for a group project!

If you’d like to make some stripey baby hats, you can get that pattern on Ravelry for free too. It’s my Magic Coffee Baby Hat pattern designed and knit for Julian and Newbie and named after the coffee at the café where our sock group meets that we suspect made all the magic happen!

-Reported by Tracey, who prefers to drink tea.


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