Meet the Sheep

On Saturday April 2, my daughter, two friends and I made the trek to Vacaville for Meet the Sheep at Meridian Jacobs Farm. It is kind of an ‘open farm’ event, where you can wander about the grounds, hold and pet lambs, watch a bottle feeding, knit, spin, and browse the shop.

Who are you looking at?

In addition to all the grown-up sheep, there were lots and lots of little lambs who had been born as recently as two days before the event. All the babies we saw were sets of twins, and there was also one set of triplets. Apparently having multiple babies is not so common for sheep, but is more common in Jacob sheep. The babies are so cute!

How could you resist such a cutie?

This trip was especially exciting for me because I was to show a recently finished sweater to Robyn, the owner of the farm. I had bought the roving at their Shearing Day back in November 2010, spun it on a rented wheel, and knitted it into a Tappan Zee cardigan.

Marissa's completed Tappan Zee cardigan.

This time instead of Jacob wool, I bought some chocolate-colored Rambouillet roving from a neighboring farm. Maybe I’ll have it spun and knitted before the next Shearing Day?

– Reported by Marissa, who had fun frolicking with the lambs.


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We're a group of knitters, crocheters, spinners, and weavers, who meet on Tuesday nights at 7 pm at Tart to Tart in the Inner Sunset. Please join us!
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2 Responses to Meet the Sheep

  1. Tracey says:

    thanks for the adorable photos!

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