Adventures in Yarn Bombing

I’ve been a wannabe yarn bomber for years. I’ve had a some felted fabric sitting around forever, waiting for me to attach them to bike racks. But having visions of cozy bike racks and toasty park benches is as far as I’ve gone. The opportunity for action presented itself last month through Ravelry, of course.

Michael (aka WonderMike) appears in the short film, Tightly Knit, by Jenni Nelson, which was to be shown at Lunafest on September 30th. He got the word out that knitters were needed to help yarn bomb the Herbst Theater for the event. There wasn’t a lot of time to knit (unless you are Emily (aka OdessaBlue), who made multiple and large contributions), so I was thankful I had those felted pieces in my stash, and could lend my handspun sweater and a ridiculously large feather and fan shawl. I did bust out a garter stitch piece, too.

The day arrived and I brought my dress form and knitted items downtown in Sarah’s (aka FireSarah) bike trailer.

Later, I arrived early for the reception, thrilled to see some of my pieces right on the front of the Veterans Memorial Building.

Emily, Betsy (aka Mischief), and Michael had done the place up.

OdessaBlue, Mischief, and Wondermike

There were also installations in the inner lobby. Check out Michael’s Flickr set of the event to see the work they did in the theater.

We hung out and knit and spun in the lobby to engage the event-goers. I had to ham it up a bit, of course.

Finally it was show time. I didn’t really know what Lunafest was, but I learned that is short movies by and about women screened to raise money for the Breast Cancer Fund, which is dedicated to finding the environmental causes of breast cancer. The films were great. Some made me laugh, others cry, but they all had something to say about the female experience. Watch part of Tightly Knit and check out the stars Michael and Jasmin (aka cuteknitter).

It was a fun evening, being treated to the reception and screening and meeting the filmmaker and new Rav-peeps. My dress form and I took the N-Judah home, grateful for the enormous shawl.

-Reported by Janice, who had great fun yarn bombing the Herbst Theater


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We're a group of knitters, crocheters, spinners, and weavers, who meet on Tuesday nights at 7 pm at Tart to Tart in the Inner Sunset. Please join us!
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3 Responses to Adventures in Yarn Bombing

  1. Tracey says:

    very cool! you’ve inspired a fellow wannabe yarn bomber. perhaps a PJ yarn bombing in the new year? i’d very much like to do something with the perching pigeons patterns from mochimochi land:

  2. Janice says:

    Those are very cute pigeons.

  3. Jenni says:

    I am so glad for your contributions. It was a wonderful event and the yarn bombs were the perfect addition. Thanks again!

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