Knit night

Tonight was a good knit night, well-attended and brimming with interesting conversation.

There were many impressive WIPs, of course, but of note were Janice and Sarah’s amazing Kieran Foley Mystery knitalong:


They each use a vast number of yarns, which is impressive to begin with, but this KAL also employs many different techniques.  I, for one, will be very interested in the final results!

Here’s Kieran Foley on Ravelry:  I mean WOW!  Those are some amazing designs!  And his colors are so fun!

Instead of making much progress on WIPS, I myself ended up frogging my Cablepalooza sweater tonight.  The yarn was just too busy for this beautiful pattern,, which deserves a lighter and more subdued yarn to showcase the gorgeous cable and lace pattern. On a happier note, the gauge was just right for another sweater I’d had my eye on, Flax by Tincanknits,, so I casted on right away and am almost done with the neckband.


By Marissa, who considers Tuesday the best day of the week.

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Tonight at knit night, the power suddenly went out (thanks to PG&E work around the corner), but that didn’t stop the ingenious knitters of Purl Jam!  My friends came up with various solutions to keep us knitting in the dark, from aiming smart phone flashlights into or through glasses or bottles, to aiming a bike light up at the overhead light.  Carmen of the Mexican Grill even provided us with a candle in a cup, propped up with flour.

Thanks to the creativity of the knitters and Carmen tonight, we were able to knit on for over an hour of darkness until the power came back on.


Such smart women!


Yeah, we’re fine!

By Marissa, who happened to have blackout-friendly projects tonight, thank goodness!

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Amazing FO

A few weeks ago, Sarah was wondering how to best finish her *original* knitted dress.  By the following week, it was done, and it’s gorgeous!sarah-dress

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Birthday catch-up

Apparently I was super out of it this past Fall and managed to neglect a ton of birthday swaps!  So here’s a quick catch-up!

Karyn made these gorgeous mitts for Ilka.


Karyn received this cool scarf from Kelly.


Annie made a pretty, cabled ipad cosy for Nan.nan-birthday

Jenny made this stunning shawlette for Sarah.


And for our last swap of 2016, Sarah knitted this Seuss-tastic teapot cozy for Vanessa.vanessa-birthday

Happy birthday, everyone, and so sorry if I missed any birthdays!

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More birthday swap action!

Tonight we had two belated birthday swaps.  One was really overdue because knitters can be very busy people!  Kelly made this cool Antler hat for Jenny.


I made this Jellyfish in the Waves hat for Kelly.jellyfish

And here are the recipients modeling their new hats!  Happy (belated) birthday, ladies!kelly-and-jenny

by Marissa, who found the jellyfish hat ridiculously fun to knit.

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Birthday swap

It’s been a while since we’ve had a birthday swap at Purl Jam!  Last night I was on the receiving end, as I’ve just had a birthday.  I could NOT be happier with what Elizabeth knitted for me!


A Tardis hat!  Dalek mitts!  I LOVE THEM!!!  Thank you!!!!!


by Marissa, who will have to hide these items from her kids….

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A bearded birthday swap

Tonight at Purl Jam, we had another 2016 birthday swap!  A little background for this particular post: our knitting group isn’t that big, and I think it’s fair to say that we know each other pretty well (tastes, preferences, pets, etc), and many times the pairing of the knitted gift and the recipient is just spot on.  Tonight was such a case.

Janice knitted this beautiful shawlette that not only resembles the bear of Andrea’s bearded dragon pet, but she managed to find a color way of Madeleine Tosh that matches her as well!


The pattern is Dragonfire/Drachenfeur.—dragonfire

Janice chose a light shawlette because Andrea runs warm, unlike some of us cold-blooded knitters who always need sweaters!


According to Janice, “they loved it when I walked into Imagiknit and said I needed yarn the color of a bearded dragon.”


Herc looks comfy here.



hey lady, this is MY matchy-matchy!

Isn’t that lovely?

By Marissa, who suddenly wants a bearded dragon too…..

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Purl Jam birthday!


At our last Purl Jam knit night, we had another birthday swap!  This time Catherine was the lucky recipient.

Nan knitted her this very pretty cowl and added an adorable kitty cat measuring tape.  happy birthday, Catherine!


By Marissa, who loves capturing these moments!

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First birthday swaps of 2016!

A few weeks ago, we had a birthday swap which I only witnessed via Facebook.  It’s this super super amazing tea cozy knitted for Vanessa by Kelly.


Drinking anything but tea would be illogical.

The other night, it was Janice’s turn to be on the receiving end of a swap!


Excited? Yes!

Catherine knitted her this amazing flowery cowl.


Gorgeous cowl!


Until next time!

By Marissa, who has no clever remarks to add at this time.

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Stitches West 2016

Today some of us Purl Jammers attended Stitches West in Santa Clara.

Here Ilka, Claire, Andrea and Elizabeth met Stephen West of Westknits fame.


I spent some time helping out at the Mother Bear Project booth.  mother bear project


The day went by so quickly, I hardly took any photos!

By Marissa, who did NOT overspend in the marketplace.


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